Super computer center «Polytechnic»

RCC "Polytechnic" is one of the most powerful supercomputer centers in Russia with peak performance of more than 1.1 PFLOPS, as well as the first project in the CIS based on the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 server processors. RCC computing environment, with a total peak performance of more than 1.2 PFlops.

Scientists of the country's research organizations can use its capabilities to solve pressing problems in various fields of mechanics, hydro- and aerodynamics, solid state physics, plasma physics, materials science, electronics, computational and quantum chemistry, biophysics and biotechnologies, developments in astrophysics, chemistry, radioelectronics and in the field of control systems.

RCC includes

  • heterogeneous cluster of 668 2 processor nodes with the latest 14-core Intel Xeon E5 2695 v3 processors and 64 GB of RAM; peak cluster performance is 938 TFlops;
  • a unique computer system with mass parallelism and ultra-high multithreading on Intel Xeon Phi processors, containing 256 nodes; peak system performance - 259 TFlops;
  • massively parallel supercomputer with cache-coherent globally addressable memory with a capacity of more than 12 TB and peak performance of 30TFlops;
  • the engineering infrastructure contains all the necessary equipment to support the operation of the RCC, the power consumption of which is almost 1 MW. More than 90% of the heat inflow generated by the computing equipment is removed by means of direct water cooling of the units.