International research center Weatherford

Competencies of the Center

  • Electrochemical studies, including the construction of polarization curves, determining the nature of the potential change over time, conducting research on a rotating disk electrode;
  • Assessment of the corrosion properties of materials under conditions simulating operational conditions, including at elevated temperature and pressure, in aggressive gas-saturated media;
  • Development of techniques and bench equipment for testing simulating non-standard conditions of material operation, close to real ones;
  • Comparative studies of the erosion and corrosion-erosion properties of materials and coatings used in oilfield equipment;
  • Studies of hydrogen sulfide and carbonic acid corrosion;
  • Tribological testing; Analysis of the causes of destruction of equipment material;
  • Metallographic, fractographic studies;
  • Development of recommendations on the choice of material for oil and gas equipment; Development of recommendations for protecting the material from exposure to aggressive media; Conducting standard corrosion tests for general corrosion, intergranular corrosion, corrosion cracking, fatigue corrosion testing, hydrogen cracking;
  • Carrying out research and development work in the field of material science with the aim of extending the life of the equipment.