Research laboratory «Industrial Artificial Intelligence Systems» Siemens

Research laboratory “Industrial Artificial Intelligence Systems” was created in conjunction with Siemens. The German concern provided software and equipment for the laboratory. The integration of a specialized supercomputer with a capacity of about 1 petaflops with the Polytechnic Supercomputer Center increased the capacity of the complex to 2 petaflops, providing an opportunity to solve world-class tasks.

The supercomputer will solve problems in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is the only system of this class in Russia,
with the latest calculators. The supercomputer allows you to solve deep machine learning tasks that require multi-user equipment with a petaflop level of performance.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the laboratory monitors and diagnoses industrial systems and devices. The research results will be applied in the oil and gas and energy industries, and other high-tech industries. The equipment of the laboratory also allows solving the problems of managing the urban economy and regional logistic systems.