Vicerector`s Foreword

At the cutting edge of science and technology.

Today Polytechnic University is the largest technical university in Russia. It is a major scientific and educational complex with well-developed infrastructure of scientific and innovative research and highly qualified specialists training.

More than 40 specialized laboratories, 30 research, educational, production and engineering centers, Supercomputing center, immense patent base, techno park, youth center of scientific and technological creativity are essential parts of the innovative ecosystem of the university, allowing it to keep leading positions in Russian and international rankings.

In order to be at the cutting edge of science and technology Polytechnic University aims at creation of knowledge and promotion of technologies in order to solve key scientific, technological and innovative tasks in Russia and around the world.

Developing university as a research and educational center of excellence our major priorities, reflecting mission and vision of SPbPU, are the following:

  • Development and implementation of innovative solutions, scientific research in priority sectors of the economy; - Cooperation with large research and production enterprises and companies using high technologies;
  • Creating conditions for continuity and interconnection of educational process and scientific research to train highly qualified scientific experts;
  • Continuous coordination and adjustment of themes of scientific research and innovations to follow up-to-date scientific trends;
  • Continuous support and improvement of scientific research and innovative work of students and young scientists, as well as creating conditions for scientific and technical creativity of youth;
  • Development of SPbPU laboratory complex infrastructure and facilities.

Polytechnic University provides for realization of boldest plans and creative technological projects. Polytech scientists make significant contribution to the development of local and global industry. The combination of   long-term history, established traditions and a clear future vision allows us to develop high standards in education and scientific research and to fulfill special mission of the University - creating  new technological elite.

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Vice-rector for scientific work of SPbPU,
Professor Vitaly Sergeev