Competence center New production technologies

NTI SPbU Competence Center is a leading Russian competence center with the largest project consortium in the field of “New Production Technologies” created on the basis of the ecosystem of innovations of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great.

 The center is an infrastructural basis for the interaction of scientific, educational and industrial organizations in order to ensure global competitiveness of  leading domestic companies in the market of NTI and high-tech industries.The key activity of the center is the development of solutions for creating world-class high-tech products using new manufacturing technologies and cross industry and multidisciplinary competencies of engineers and scientists of SPbPU and also members of the project consortium which as of February 1, 2019 has 50 members and more than 25 partner companies.

 Also the NTI SPbPU center develops the competencies of the enterprises in the field of advanced production technologies (APT), trains specialists and organizes implementation of APT to the enterprises, transfers new production technologies into high-tech industries.

Key competencies of the Center:

  • Digital design and modeling (CAD-CAE-HPTC-CAO-CAM-CAAM), Digital Twins, bionic design (Simulation & Optimization) - Driven  Bionic / Generative Design, Smart Digital Twins, (CAD, CAE, CAO, CAM, CAAM, Simulation & Optimization) - Driven Bionic Design, PDM, PLM & Advanced Manufacturing).
  • Smart-Manufacturing technologies and hybrid manufacturing technologies.
  • New materials (composite materials, nanomaterials, metamaterials,metal powders for additive manufacturing).
  • Additive technologies and additive manufacturing including 3D printers, technologies, approaches and ways of working with raw materials, development and production of metal powders and a set of services for 3D printing.

Results of the center’s activities:

  • In 2018, the center’s specialists, together with partners and participants of the project consortium, participated in the implementation of 56 research and development projects in the interests of 44 enterprises. 
  • High-tech solutions were developed for the construction of a gas turbine engine of a new generation,cars, electric car vehicles; the carrier system of a helicopter , Antarctic sledge for transportation of bulky multi-ton cargo,a drilling fluid cleaning system, an amphibian aircraft and others.
  • Apart from the projects implemened by representatives of Competence Center of NTI SpbPU, members of the project consortium realized research and development projects in the field of cut-through technology “New Production Technologies” for the value of more than 1,4 billion rubles.