Scientific and Education center Gazpromneft-Politech

The main goal of creating the center is to carry out research and development work in the interests of Gazprom Neft, as well as to train highly qualified personnel for the oil and gas industry. Representatives of SPbPU and LLC.

Gazprom Neft NTC for Gazprom Neft developed a targeted master's program in Mathematical Modeling of Oil and Gas Production. The master's program is implemented on the basis of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics of SPbPU.

The main activities

  • Comparative analysis of mathematical models of the hydraulic fracturing process embedded in commercial simulators.
  • Assessment of empirical relationships between geological and technological parameters of hydraulic fracturing.
  • Development of quasi-three-dimensional modeling algorithms for hydraulic fracturing.
  • Modeling hydraulic fracturing in fractured reservoirs using the particle dynamics method.
  • Development of algorithms for three-dimensional modeling of proppant dynamics in hydraulic fractures.
  • Development of a compact installation for modeling hydraulic fracturing in laboratory conditions. Analysis of the scale factor during laboratory tests on hydraulic fracturing.
  • Development of algorithms for modeling microseismic phenomena in hydraulic fracturing based on the boundary element method.
  • Development of methods for describing the interaction of multiple cracks and study of their influence on the effective properties of materials.
  • Modeling the process of vibration drilling of hard rocks.