Conferences of Young Scientists

«SPbPU Science Week» is an annual scientific and practical conference for students, post-graduate students and young researchers from Russia, countries of the near and far abroad.

Among the main research areas there are energy, energy saving and ecology, new materials and technologies, technologies of living systems, IT technologies, etc. Most of the reports of the participants of the conference covers basic sciences, in particular, space physics, physics of nanostructures, biophysics and mechanics.

Traditionally, students and scientists from leading universities and research organizations of Russia, near and far abroad (China, Germany, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia) come to the conference with reports.

The main sections of the conference:

  • Biomedical systems and technologies
  • Biotechnologies. Food Technology
  • Military
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Information Technologies and Systems
  • International Educational Programs
  • Metallurgy, mechanical engineering and transport systems
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Construction and architecture
  • Theoretical and applied mathematics and mechanics
  • Technosphere safety
  • Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications
  • Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Economics and Management Technologies
  • Energy and Transport