SPIE&OSA student chapter of SPbPU

The “SPIE&OSA student chapter of SPbPU” is an association for students, interested in research in fields of optics and photonics. The student chapter incorporates OSA (The Optical Society) and SPIE (Society for Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers) international organizations’ student branches.

The chapter states assistance to the students in research as a main vector of its efficiency. The events are represented, but not limited, by the following ones:

  • invitation of a lead speaker for an open lecture,
  • conference/section/forum organization,
  • assistance in application for a chapter conference grant (a granted ability to visit one of SPIE/OSA flagship conferences),
  • informing about professional opportunities and stipends,
  • networking between optical chapters of St Petersburg and all over the world,
  • introducing mentoring programs, involving into research and professional communication.

Student chapter program of SPIE&OSA supports an extensive global network of more than 400+ student chapters. These chapters, managed for and by students, create valuable opportunities for professional development and foster lasting relationships between peers and mentors. Student chapters support the academic studies, power the research and provide opportunities that will propel one’s career in optics and photonics. In addition to the benefits for members, many chapters are heavily involved with community and youth education outreach to provide both a service to their community and work to disseminate the knowledge of optics and photonics worldwide.

We are especially proud of being a lead university’s student research association in field of photonics, and one of the biggest such in Europe (according to the SPIE web, 01/2021).


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