SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai

We are glad to welcome you in SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai that appears to be the bridge between the two powerful nations and our common future that is opening promising possibilities for Russia and China.

SPbPU became the first Russian university that opened a representative office in People’s Republic of China.

The main tasks of the Representative Office are:

  • competitive growth and profile raising of SPbPU as an innovative, entrepreneurial and international university at the Chinese and Asia-pacific region market;
  • implementation of effective scientific-technical cooperation with universities and companies in China and other countries of Asia-pacific region;
  • stimulating technology transfer and commercialization of R&D;
  • promoting SPbPU educational programs at the Chinese and Asia-pacific region market;
  • regular recruitment of talented students from China and other countries in the region.

We are sure there are important and interesting discoveries awaiting us in the future that will lead to advances in technologic productivity and world’s development.

University community of PRC, captains of large industries, members of scientific organizations and research centers are welcome at SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai.