Vaccine against HIV / AIDS "DNA-4"

Vaccine against HIV / AIDS
in the pipeline


Genome HIV-1 (consensus sequence HIV-1 subtype A-EE

Vaccine DNA-4 contains equimolar amounts of four plasmid DNA in saline NaCl with the total concentration of 1 mg / ml

Scheme of purifying DNA vaccine



Criteria for DNA vaccines

supercoiled DNA

Agarose gel electrophoresis


RNA admixture

Agarose gel electrophoresis


DNA E.coli admixture

Southern blotting

<10 ng / ml

(5,7±3,6 ng / ml)


spectrophotometric analysis, λ=210-300 ng




Protein admixture

BCA test

<10 ng / ml

(6±4 ng / ml)

Endotoxin content

LAL test

<0.1 EU / mg

(0.04±0.03 EU / mg)

Аuthenticity of plasmids

PCR sequencing


Preclinical studies

Security Rating:

• "DNA 4" is not toxic for laboratory animals in acute and chronic toxicity tests

• "DNA 4" refers to a class of 5 practically nontoxic substances

• Lethal doses of  LD50, LF16 and LD84 are impossible to be reached

• "DNA 4" is not allergenic

• "DNA 4"does not have pyrogenic effects

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