Department of Science Policy

The Department carries out organizational and analytical support of the University's scientific activity in the framework of the following functions:

  • Support of the execution of the state assignment for R & D, including the formation of a list of R & D performed at the University in the framework of the basic part of the state task; organizing the collection of reporting materials on R & D (stages of R & D) and submission to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia;
  • Coordination of work on the implementation of the activities of the Program "5-100-2020" in the sphere of responsibility of the  Vice-rector for Research;
  • Organization of data collection from institutes, scientific and other structural divisions and preparation of reports of the University in the field of scientific activity on their basis;
  • Presentation of data on the results of the University's scientific activity in international and Russian university ratings;
  • Ensuring the University's participation in competitive procurement for the right to conclude a contract (contract) for R & D, as well as the University's participation in electronic trading;
  • Registration of bank guarantees for the provision of competitive applications of the University and enforcement of contracts;
  • Promotion of the results of scientific research, scientific and technical and innovative products in the Russian and international markets R & D;
  • Development of the system of scientific communications;
  • Providing up-to-date content and support of the scientific portal of SPbPU;
  • Organizational support of doctoral studies and dissertational councils of the University;
  • Performing functions of the operator of competitions in the scientific field conducted by the Committee on Science and Higher Education;
  • Material and technical support of the activities of units under the authority of the Vice-rector for Research;

Office work of units under the authority of the Vice-rector for Research

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